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Exploring the World of Money


A short cultural and historical panorama on the iPhone? These videos bring life to coins. Whereas coins are often put away in a bank vault or behind glass walls, here they become lively and tell their stories ...

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The MoneyMuseum on iTunes U: content on the first page


Apple recommends the content of the MoneyMuseum on the educational platform iTunes U. Mentioned: «Movies about Money» and «Exploring the World of Money». Most interest comes from the USA and China.

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Nero 65 AD


Nero was quite a popular emperor in his day. And when he received the brother of the Parthian king, the whole of Rome had a celebration.

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What is Wealth? What can Capital achieve?


Everybody talks money. The money one has and the money one lacks. Some people talk capital – capital they would like to have but still do not possess. It seems that capital is too important to leave it a matter for economists and politicians ....

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A Journey in Pictures through Roman Religion


What is God? The roots of Roman religion lie much earlier than expected, much deeper, in dark, prehistoric times ...

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Philosophers and Money


Voltaire and Rousseau, the leading lights of the enlightenment, were well known to be intellectual opponents. And their attitude to money was just as different ...

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Letters to the Past


The Middle Ages

To sum up a whole millennium of (monetary) history on a few pages is probably impossible. The following letters to outstanding personalities want at least to try to do the impossible ...

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The Fascination of Gold


For thousands of years gold has strongly appealed to mankind because of its manifold attractive properties and its rarity. Here we present some facts ...

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Why use financial graphs?


Are you bewildered by the daily comments on the financial markets. Why not doing it yourself? Here, financial graphs are explained in plain words. With the "5-point-method" ...

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A Journey in Pictures through Greek Religion


The respects in which the Western world, characterised by Christianity, and Islam differ and resemble one another are today an almost continuous subject of discussion ....

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the MoneyMuseum on apple's educational platform iTunes U


Every fortnight, the MoneyMuseum loads up new content on its platform on iTunes U. The subject of money is covered from many angles. Viewers may select from categories such as "money yesterday", "money today", "movies about money" ...

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The new website of the Sunflower Foundation has gone live


MoneyStory – all media at the click of a mouse

Under MoneyStory, all films, audio plays and publications of the past years are available for download or direct streaming. Films are also made for iPad, iPhone or smartphone. For example "Money Moves People", "The trillion Dollar Crisis" or "The History of Coins in China" …

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From Spear Money over Swiss National Money to Common Money


The new exhibitions of the MoneyMuseum

Due to a planned rebuilding, the MoneyMuseum at Hadlaubstrasse opens only for guided tours after booking in advance until further notice. On display are traditional means of payment, monies from China and Switzerland, coins of the Latin Monetary Union, genuine and "fake" euro coins as well as coins from Greek and Roman antiquity ...

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«Drachm, Dirhem, Thaler, Pound»


E-Book Conzett Verlag

In «Drachm, Dirhem, Thaler, Pound», important stages of the Western monetary development are shown. The travel takes you from the clay tablet with cuneiform writing from Mesopotamia to the Euro of modern times ....

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“Playing with Lady Luck”


The new special exhibition of the MoneyMuseum

"Alea iacta est" – this utterance attributed to Julius Caesar after the fateful crossing of the River Rubicon in 49 BC could be regarded as a predecessor of the modern "Rien ne va plus." But in the MoneyMuseum at Hadlaubstrasse, the game is only just beginning: on 3rd April, the new special exhibition about games of chance will be opened, which the museum has arranged in cooperation with the Jeton Museum. The exhibition will last until 26th February 2013 ...

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The MoneyMuseum Has a Currency of its Own


The new money machine of the MoneyMuseum

What would be so practical especially at the present time – namely a donkey that produces gold coins or the licence to print money is something that even the MoneyMuseum cannot offer. The coin vending machine, the new attraction at Hadlaubstrasse, is guaranteed to make more out of your money ...

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The Conzett Verlag's New Website Is Online


The Conzett Verlag, run by the Sunflower Foundation since April 2011, appears with a new logo as well as a completely renewed and fresh web appearance ...

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“Money in Other Societies”


The MoneyMuseum's new publication

To want to pay for a boat with a metre-long bulging roll of raffia or the church tax with a few snail shells and for the building of one's own house with musical instruments, that would not be appreciated in the kind of society in which we live …

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“The Female Worker in Zurich around 1900”


The new special exhibition of the MoneyMuseum

The rapidly progressing industrialisation around the turn of the 19th to the 20th century also made high demands on the Swiss workforce, especially on the women. The new special exhibition of the MoneyMuseum at Hadlaubstrasse is devoted to the women of that time and their arduous daily routine as workers at home and in the factories. Its opening will be celebrated on 1st April ...

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The Reorganisation of the Conzett Verlag and its Consequences


The Conzett Verlag, a company of the Sunflower Foundation in law, whose publishing was previously attended to by the Oesch Verlag, returned to the parent house at the end of March ...

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“CoinsHD” – the MoneyMuseum on the iPad


With the iPad app of the MoneyMuseum you can now take its coin collection into your hands. At the same time over 2,000 coins and other means of payment are available to you for historical flying visits about money. In addition some 80 coin tours invite you to explore throughout the history of money of different countries ...

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“Money,” the Newsletter of the Sunflower Foundation, goes online


Mixed reports from the world of money are now sent by electronic mail. "Money," the Newsletter of the foundation, informs you four to six times a year about the activities of the Sunflower platforms MoneyMuseum, MoneyForum, MoneyLab and MoneyWorld ...

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“Gold – Between Dream and Reality”


The new special exhibition of the MoneyMuseum

A subject of myths and legends, the epitome of luxury and affluence and a veritable multi-talent in its use: gold is all that and even more, the object at the centre of the new special exhibition that will be shown in the MoneyMuseum at Hadlaubstrasse from 2nd July ...

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MoneyTests and MoneyGames


The MoneyLab's new test and play page

Do you read the business page of your daily newspaper? Or are you rather daunted when it comes to finances and investing money? Do you find money matters are a nasty subject? Or does money spur you on? You will come across these and other questions in the newly launched MoneyLab's MoneyTests ...

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Digital Galleries with Coin and Picture Tours


The new offer of the MoneyMuseum

Since the beginning of this year an attractive new offer has been available to visitors on the ground floor and in the basement of the MoneyMuseum at Hadlaubstrasse: the wall screens of the digital galleries in which selected coin and picture tours are presented on the current exhibition events ...

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“The Trillion Dollar Crisis”


The MoneyMuseum's new DVD

The essence of a credit is to be found in the meaning of the word: "credit" comes from the Latin "credere" (to believe) and "creditum" (something entrusted to someone in good faith). Whoever grants somebody a credit is also confident that the borrower can pay back the money he has been lent within a certain period of time. But as to control is better than to trust, especially in money matters, a reliable lender checks whether an applicant is creditworthy and asks for securities ...

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China, Islam, War, Saints


The new special exhibition of the MoneyMuseum

The MoneyMuseum at Hadlaubstrasse has renewed the content of its exhibition showcases in the basement and made more space available for the money exhibits by adding an additional showcase on the ground floor. But you will see not only more, but also very unusually varied objects in the form and subjects of their minting ...

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The MoneyForum Starts Up Its Events


Programme in 2009/2010

On 3rd September the MoneyForum is opening its first series of lectures and discussions at Bärengasse in Zurich. The core of its contents is – what else? – the financial crisis ...

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“The History of Coins in China”


The MoneyMuseum's new DVD

Their appearance strikes one as being as exotic as the shell of a marine snail or as playful as the accessory of a (Chinese) doll's house, and then again as familiar as our own money. Yes, in the course of its history over thousands of years China has produced a multitude of forms of money ...

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“Money Moves People”


The MoneyMuseum's new DVD

On the occasion of the Long Night of Zurich's museums in 2002 the MoneyMusuem came up with a very special premiere: its film "Geld bewegt." This film is now also available in English entitled "Money Moves People" ...

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“Coins and Their Production”


The MoneyMuseum's new video

Nowadays coins are minted in fully automatic, serial mass production – and it is a loss-making business as far as small denominations are concerned: the production of a 5-rappen coin, for example, costs more than the purchasing power of the coin. Nevertheless small change is still part of most people's daily purchases, even though its place has been taken by plastic money in the form of credit and debit cards ...

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“Money in the New Testament”


The MoneyMuseum's new DVD

So it is not a matter of what your attitude to religion – i.e. the New Testament – is, but what the attitude of religion is to money. That is the big question which this DVD investigates. And, in fact, there is quite a lot to learn about it in the gospels with their parables ...

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“Coins” – the MoneyMuseum on your iPhone


With the iPhone app of the MoneyMuseum its coin collection now has become mobile and is also available on the way. Every money object, every coin side presented in the application can be enlarged and, thanks to the numismatic description and background information, is shown in its historical context ...

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The MoneyMuseum's New Website Is Online


Thanks to the new clearly and attractively designed website of the MoneyMuseum, what actually first helped the money and currency museum to actually exist places the focus of attention into the foreground even more clearly than hitherto: Jürg Conzett's coin collection, which has expanded considerably in the course of the years. It is the pivot of all further exhibits ...

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When the Bärengasse Museum Closed so Did Two of the MoneyMuseum's Exhibitions


Because of the Federal Government's new museum policy, the Swiss National Museum closed its Zurich showcase at the end of November. This means that the 32-year-old management of the Bärengasse Museum has come to an end ...

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The Online Mediatheque Offers Cinema, Radio, Downloads and More


The Sunflower Foundation's new online offer

Die Sunflower Mediatheque is online and offers you a wealth of informative and entertaining opportunities to spend your time. Thus while sitting comfortably at home you can undertake a virtual city stroll through Zurich, go on a musical journey into the time of the belle époque or learn more about the MoneyMuseum's money personality test and, and, and ...

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“I Ching – The Book of Changes”


The MoneyMuseum's new video

The I Ching is the oldest classical text from the Middle Kingdom and one of the oldest books of mankind. In it the idea of the cosmological and philosophical knowledge of ancient China is concentrated and fascinates many people to this day: as a book of wisdom or an oracle book, as help for life or simply as stimulus for reflection and contemplation ...

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The Long Night of the MoneyMuseum in 2008


From 6th to 7th September 2008 the museums of Zurich make a night of it. Also the MoneyMuseum takes part of the event. Its programme revolves around – how could it be otherwise? – coins ...

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“Bali's Dual Currency System”


The MoneyMuseum's new DVD

The financial resources of states, but also of many medium-sized and small businesses are in short supply these days. It has long been impossible to meet all the requirements of a society by means of official currencies. Complementary currencies are capable of tackling this problem ...

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The Sunflower Foundation's New Website Is Online


Lucid, clearly structured, simple in its navigation, (almost) new in its contents and attractive in its set-up – that is how the Sunflower Foundation's new website presents itself. And at first sight it shows you which projects the Sunflower has added to its field of activity ...

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“Zurich People and Their Money”


The DVD on the special exhibition

That you can do good business by changing money is something the people of Zurich have known for centuries. But the benefits of a public railway network are something they as well as the Swiss population have known only since comparatively recent times. And even more recent is the experience with convenient shopping opportunities: in the last century using Migros shopping trolleys, today by using Internet shops, for example ...

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“Olsen Café”


The Money Museum's new DVD

Without innovation no economic and social progress. A pioneering innovation similar to the invention of book printing or writing in earlier times (though for centuries only accessible to an elite) is represented by Internet technology. It has led to a really explosive growth in information ...

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Find out What Kind of Money Personality You Are


The new website of the “My Money Personality” test

Does money make you happy? Or are you afraid of losing money? Do you find money matters are a nuisance? Or is dealing with finances a matter of course for you? Give your views on the statements of the Money Personality Test and find out which money personality you are ...

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The Fascination of Swiss Coins and Banknotes


The new main exhibition of the MoneyMuseum

Quality in material and design, security, distinguishing features and national symbolism – these are the attributes that have characterised the Swiss coins and banknotes since the introduction of decimal currency. An excerpt from the development of money in the Swiss Confederation is shown in the new main exhibition of the MoneyMuseum at Hadlaubstrasse opening on 1st April ...

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“Highlights from the MoneyMuseum's Collection”


The new special exhibition of the MoneyMuseum

The coins that the new special exhibition presents in the MoneyMuseum at Hadlaubstrasse are not only beautiful but of outstanding quality ...

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“On the Way to Value-less Money”


The DVD on the special exhibition

An examination of the Western and Eastern monetary tradition is offered anew not only by the MoneyMuseum's special exhibition at Hadlaubstrasse, which is open until the beginning of 2007, but also by the DVD of the same name on the subject ...

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“The Sunflower Philosophy”


The MoneyMuseum's new DVD

The Sunflower Foundation as the body responsible for the MoneyMuseum deliberately bears the sunflower in its name ...

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The Sunflower Foundation Backs the Introduction of Cyclos into Switzerland


Cyclos is an open-source software that was developed by the Dutch foundation STRO and serves the online administration of complementary currency systems. The Sunflower Foundation, in the course of its involvement in such systems, backs Cyclos in its introduction into Switzerland ...

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“Tauschen steigert die Lebensqualität” (Exchanging Improves the Quality of Life)


A conference of experts from the Swiss exchange organisations and the Sunflower Foundation

The Sunflower Foundation continues its involvement, begun at the beginning of 2006, in the area of time and talent exchange and on 9th March is making its debut as one of the organisers of the annual meeting of the exchange circle of experts in Aarau ...

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“Zurich People and Their Money”


The new special exhibition of the MoneyMuseum

What began in the Bärengasse Museum on 28th April 2006 and lasted until 15th July since the beginning of the year is continued in the MoneyMuseum at Hadlaubstrasse: the exhibition "Zurich People and their Money" ...

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“Zurich People and Their Money”


The new special exhibition of the Bärengasse Museum

The new money exhibition conceived by the MoneyMuseum in cooperation with the Swiss National Museum in Zurich covers the period of 2,000 years of Zurich's monetary history, from provocative views of the present-day financial centre to the possibility of discovering one's own attitude to money ...

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The Expansion of the Collection of Roman Coins


The enlarged main exhibition of the MoneyMuseum

In the coin showcases of the MoneyMuseum at Hadlaubstrasse coins exhibited from Roman antiquity have doubled ...

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“Zurich – A Declaration of Love”


The MoneyMuseum's new DVD

The city of banks or the epitome of the Swiss financial centre, a living city of culture and trendy scenes, the secret centre of Swiss power, the smallest metropolis in the world, internationally a town with the greatest quality of life – those are just a few of the features attributed to Zurich, the largest city in Switzerland ...

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The Sunflower Foundation's new project

Looking after and caring for people at home can only be financed when an efficient social network supplements the efforts of trained personnel. This is where the Zeta (an acronym of the German name "Zeittausch," i.e. "time exchange") project, which started at the beginning of the year, comes into play ...

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“Womit Casanova in Zürich zahlte ...” (What Casanova paid with in Zurich)


The MoneyMuseum's new special exhibition at the Bärengasse Museum

The MoneyMuseum is expanding its exhibition in the Bärengasse Museum on Zurich's monetary history and is opening the new section on the occasion of the Long Night of the Museums from 3rd to 4th September ...

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“On the Way to Value-less Money”


The first special exhibition of the MoneyMuseum

On 12th April the MoneyMuseum's first special exhibition opens in the small exhibition room at Hadlaubstrasse. It bears the ambiguous title "On the Way to Value-less Money" and outlines the development of money in West and East (resp. China) with the help of accompanying texts and outstanding exhibits.

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Online Surveys


The MoneyMuseum's new online offer

Are you of the opinion that a certain amount of money is necessary to be happy? Or do you believe that the love of money is the root of all evil? And what do you think others feel about this question? Avail yourself of the MoneyMuseum's new online offer and find out ...

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An Audio Guide Takes You through the MoneyMuseum at Hadlaubstrasse


Thanks to the digital audio guide, from now on visitors can discover the MoneyMuseum Hadlaubstrasse on their own initiative ...

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Online Quizzes


The MoneyMuseum's new online offer

What is meant by a yield? What is a daric? What was Istanbul called until its name was changed? And where is the Taj Mahal? On the Quiz page you can answer the questions – or find out the answers ...

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The MoneyMuseum is Awarded the Otto-Paul-Wenger Prize


Jürg Conzett's decision to put his coin collection onto the Internet – together with background information and additional media material – so as to make it accessible to the public free of charge has also met with recognition among the experts ...

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The MoneyMuseum at Hadlaubstrasse Begins its Events


On 1st April the MoneyMuseum at Hadlaubstrasse is opening its first evening programme with a panel discussion on excerpts from the film "Geld bewegt" (Money Moves People). The guest on the panel is the "silk king" Andi Stutz ...

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The MoneyMuseum at Hadlaubstrasse Opens its Doors


The MoneyMuseum at Hadlaubstrasse in Zurich is opening its doors to the general public on 4th February and is open every Tuesday afternoon from 1.00 pm to 5.30 pm ...

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Radio MoneyMuseum Goes on Air


Radio MoneyMuseum's first audio plays are there (in German only). They deal almost exclusively with – what else could it be? – money and give in the trilogy "Wenn Münzen miteinander lachen und streiten" (When Coins Laugh and Quarrel with One Another) important currencies from antiquity, the Middle Ages and modern times a chance to have their say ...

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The MoneyMuseum's First Exhibition Rooms


The MoneyMuseum becomes a physical museum

For the first time the Sunflower Foundation acquires its own exhibition premises at Hadlaubstrasse 106 in Zurich and begins to convert them. The new rooms are to be opened in spring 2003 and to serve mainly as a platform for meetings and discussions on money and the world ...

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The MoneyMuseum Receives the Right of Hospitality in the Bärengasse Museum


Thanks to the support of the Swiss National Museum in Zurich, the MoneyMuseum can expand its physical presence in the town: it is receiving the right of hospitality in the Zurich Bärengasse Museum, a branch of the National Museum, and recently occupied its own room with the permanent exhibition "Geld und Geist" (Money and Mind) ...

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An Expansion of the Website Thanks to a New Publishing Programme


The MoneyMuseum enlarges its website

The new exhibition section on the MoneyMuseum's website has gone online. That means that for the first time the Sunflower Foundation's entire coin collection is open to the public ...

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“Best of Europe”


The joint exhibition of the MoneyMuseum and the Swiss National Museum

Under the title "Best of Europe – Images of Power and Vanity" the first joint exhibition of the MoneyMuseum and the Swiss National Museum in Zurich will open in the New Media Center of the National Museum on 31st May. It exhibits the finest European coins from antiquity to modern times ...

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A Review of 2000


The year 2000 revolved completely around building and extending. On the one hand, the MoneyMuseum as a guest in the New Media Center of the Swiss National Museum in Zurich fitted out its first physical exhibition room. On the other hand, the expansion of the website has gone ahead ...

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“Drachme, Dirhem, Taler, Pfund” (Drachm, Dirham, Thaler, Pound)


The MoneyMuseum's first publication

Today Europe has not come together by reason of characteristic national features, but because of its common roots – and they stretch far back into history. It is these roots that we are also looking at in the MoneyMuseum's first publication ...

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Our Vision


To each his own museum! That is the vision behind www.moneymuseum.com and thus the beginnings of the MoneyMuseum as a pioneer project of the Sunflower Foundation. The information technology should make it possible for every user to experience a personal museum visit ...

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