The Trillion Dollar Crisis

Schleich, Natascha

The financial crisis that erupted throughout the world in autumn 2008 and since then has developed into a global economic crisis with an uncertain outcome did not come out of thin air and it is not the first of its kind. However the magnitude of it is utterly unique.

This DVD tells the chronicle of how it happened. It is the story of a house of cards, based on the real housing market in the USA, that was built higher and higher until it finally collapsed, wiping out money, security and confidence on an unprecedented scale.

1 Intro
2 The Trillion Dollar Crisis
3 The investors have too much money
4 The American Dream and mortgages
5 The banks
6 Credit securitisation
7 The idea has a forerunner
8 Derivatives: credit default swaps – insurance turns into betting
9 Variable interest rates
10 Subprime mortgages

Type of product:
online video/DVD
about 31 minutes
MoneyMuseum by Sunflower Foundation
Edition & year:
1st edition 2009
Place of publication:
Price DVD:
CHF 5.- (only obtainable at the address below, NOT BY MAIL)
MoneyMuseum Hadlaubstrasse, Hadlaubstrasse 106, 8006 Zürich


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