I Ching The Book of Changes

In this video Jürg Conzett, the founder of the Sunflower Foundation, acquaints you with one of mankind's most important and oldest books – the Chinese book of wisdom I Ching. It takes you into ancient China's cosmological and philosophical world of ideas and with its 64 symbolic hexagrams stimulates people to search their souls to this day. Again and again I Ching is also used as an oracle book, providing answers to such questions as "Where do I stand?" or "What shall I do?" But is that what it is really about? Jürg Conzett here says what he thinks of it and why the book fascinates him.

1 Intro
2 My favourite hexagrams
3 The idea of change

Type of product:
online video
about 10 minutes
MoneyMuseum by Sunflower Foundation
Edition & year:
2nd edition 2008
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