On the Way to Value-less Money

An exhibition about the development of money in the West and in the East

No matter whether you are presented with a bill in Switzerland, in the USA or in China, the system is the same: coins and banknotes of no material value are accepted that are only worth anything in the respective country. This has led to a monetary system prevailing in which the state lays claim to a currency monopoly. And yet the way in this direction in West and East was a completely different one, as this journey through history shows.

Type of product:
online video/DVD
about 20 minutes
MoneyMuseum by Sunflower Foundation
Edition & year:
1st edition 2008
Place of publication:
Price DVD:
CHF 5.- (only obtainable at the address below, NOT BY MAIL)
MoneyMuseum Hadlaubstrasse, Hadlaubstrasse 106, 8006 Zürich


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