China used to be the epitome of exoticism, wealth and wisdom. Today, we think of product piracy, state despotism and an enemy of democracy. The problem is: we see the Middle Kingdom through the lens of our own values and norms - and misunderstand much without even realizing it. The key is to understand, not to agree. With the ChinaForum, the MoneyMuseum offers a format in which renowned experts present their expertise of Chinese history, politics and culture to a broad public. The lectures serve as a basis for subsequent discussion and mutual exchange. We do not need to fear the world power China, we need to understand it better.

  • Every quarter, the MoneyMuseum holds a lecture evening on a specific topic related to China. 
  • Location: Club Baur au Lac, Zurich. Number of participants limited to 50.
  • Periodically the MoneyMuseum organizes a discussion evening, depending on the topicality of the subject.
  • Location: MoneyMuseum, Hadlaubstrasse 106, 8006 Zurich. Number of participants limited to 20.
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