Roman Empire, Vespasian, Aureus


Roman Empire, Vespasian, Aureus (obverse) Roman Empire, Vespasian, Aureus (reverse)

This aureus shows a fine portrait of Emperor Vespasian, who ascended to the Roman throne in 69 AD after years of civil war and conflicts over the imperial office. The bull-necked Vespasian managed to hold his grounds for ten years, and during this time stabilized his realm both politically and financially.

The reverse depicts Vespasian in a military outfit as Victory is crowning him with a laurel wreath. The emperor holds a spear in his right hand and a parazonium in his left. The parazonium was a long triangular dagger which in Roman mythology was often carried by Virtus, the personification of bravery. In the hand of the emperor it is symbolizing his courage.


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