Canton of Grisons, Batzen 1820


Canton of Grisons, Batzen 1820 (obverse) Canton of Grisons, Batzen 1820 (reverse)

The canton of Grisons owns its existence to a Corse, namely to Napoleon Bonaparte, who in 1799 by a stroke of his pen merged the territories of the Three Leagues to the canton of Raetia. At the same time he transformed the Old Swiss Confederacy into the Helvetic Republic. Some years later, in 1803, the Republic became the Swiss Confederation, and the canton of Raetia became the canton of Grisons.

As an autonomous canton, Grisons obtained the right to mint its own coins, making use of it from 1807 to 1842. This batzen shows, below two shaking hands, the crests of the Three Leagues: in the middle the ibex of the League of God's House, on the right the two-part shield of the Grey League, and on the left Wild Man of the League of the Ten Jurisdictions.


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