Ionia, Samos (?), Hecte


Ionia, Samos (?), Hecte (obverse) Ionia, Samos (?), Hecte (reverse)

This hecte is a very early coin. It is most certainly attributable to a mint on Samos, an island off the coast of Asia Minor in the Aegean.

The reason for the attribution to Samos is mainly based on the coin's weight. The Ionian cities of Asia Minor minted their coins after different weight standards. On Samos the Samian-Euboeic standard was used, according to which a stater weighed approximately 17 grams. This coin is a hecte, a small coin with a value of 1/6 stater, and with its weight of 2.86 grams based on the Samian-Euboic standard. Another indication for Samos as the probable place of origin is the facing lion's scalp on the obverse.


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