• Money (course is based on writings by Eske Bockelmann)

    We all use money. But do we actually know what money really is? Eske Bockelmann asks this philosophical question in writings such as "Money. What it is that rules us" and leads us to a deeper understanding of our own history and culture. The course "The Money" summarizes Bockelmann's extensive book and offers a condensed introduction to a complex topic.

  • In the Rythm of Money - Genesis of modern Society

    What do music, technology and money have in common? They are all based on a beat or a time signature. We illustrate this astonishing insight by Eske Bockelmann in our course "In the beat of money". It is no coincidence that in Europe rhythm is measured almost exclusively in beats - and that precisely since the emergence of capitalism. Coincidence?

  • Phaenomenology of Money

    Money is much more than a means of purchase: it is a social phenomenon, can create relationships between people, level inequalities between people - or reinforce them. In this course, philosopher and business ethicist Karl-Heinz Brodbeck elaborates on the nature of money and its role in society. This course is in German.

  • Parable on Money

    These parables are based on the Zurich Bible, which goes back to Huldrych Zwingli and his circle of translators. Beginning in 1524, various editions of the continuous translation appeared, finally culminating in 1531 with the printing of the German Folio Bible, the so-called Froschauer Bible. In the following centuries, too, the Zurich translation was revised again and again. Because of its sober, clear language and its closeness to the original text, it became a classic.

  • Talks about money - money moves

    The personal relationship of people to money and the changing role of money in our society - that is what the film "Geld bewegt" (Money Moves) is all about. Six personalities from the worlds of business, art, the church and economic sociology have their say and share their own opinions about money. The museum director and producer of the film introduces the protagonists in more detail here and tells us how the film came about in the first place. Geld bewegt" was released in 2003.

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