Friday: Visit of the MoneyMuseum (Stephan Koncz)


Free of charge on Fridays, upon appointment:

  • "Traditional Means of Payment"
  • "Money in the Roman Republic" 
  • "The just price - economic thinking in the Middle Ages" 
  • Literature and rare books
  • Minting coins

The MoneyMuseum invites its visitors into newly-designed spaces. The Museion on the lower floor is a special gem, where books dating from the 16th century until the present day are on display. Now, some might be wondering how books are connected to money, and why the MoneyMuseum is also a library.

Besides coins, Jürg Conzett has always been interested inbooks, too. Coins are doorways into different worlds, as are books. You have probably already experienced that yourself, for example on vacation, lying on the beach, deeply absorbed in a novel or a murder mystery.

In ancient Greece, the Museion was a place that served as meeting point, library and forum for debates. It was where dialogs were held.

The MoneyMuseum makes reference to this place of mutual exchange. Modern money can only be seen in the context of society. The interdisciplinary exchange and the view from different perspectives is what matters.

In the library, this exchange meets a worthy framework. The books in this room create a certain atmosphere. They are the counterpart to the flood of information on the internet, the smartphone, the tablet. A book requires work, active confrontation. One has to engage in it, take the time. In short: every book is a process. The ancient writings stand in contrast to the library’s reference to the presence, dealing with the topic of “Money and Society”.

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