Thursday: Introduction Money and Literature, with discussion (Ursula Kohler, German only)


  • Where? MoneyMuseum, Hadlaubstrasse 106, Zürich
  • When? Each Thursday upon appointment
  • How much? The visit of the MoneyMuseum is free of charge. For individuals as well as for groups. 

The MoneyMuseum’s collection of books ranges from the year 1500 until the present. The library offers the ideal setting for discussions about money and its criticism, culture and value.

Come by and dive into the books. At the MoneyMuseum, you will find many works you weren’t expecting. Choose a topic of interest and enjoy a customized introduction to the library. Held by Ursula Kohler.

Literary utopia of the 1920s

What is the role of money?

On the value of literature

Who and what determines it?

Individual fates in literature

Can everything be linked to money?

Swiss literature and money

Poverty and wealth reflected in books

The collection is complemented by the following specialties:

  • Issues of the monthly magazine DU since the 1940s
  • The Manesse Library of World Literature
  • Publications from the MoneyMuseum as well as the publishers Conzett Verlag and Oesch Verlag
  • A large range of books from the publisher Diogenes
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