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    Money Yesterday & Today

    A visual journey through the history of money. A wide range of essays explores the theme of money and its meaning in our lives. Hot-button issues like globalization, income inequality and economic growth vs. sustainability underscore how money dominates the news today.

    List of contents

    • Bitcoin and traditional currencies

      Released on 30. Nov. 2015

      Like traditional currencies Bitcoins are created by private individuals, not central banks. But, in contrast with cowrie shells or spear points, accepted currencies in many societies, Bitcoins remain virtual. You can’t hold them in your hand. They are digital.


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    • The demise of money!

      Released on 08. Oct. 2015

      Sceptics argued that the introduction of the Euro in 2002 would profoundly change Germany as a nation and would undermine the basic security we associate with money. We're they right?


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    • The illusion of reality: on the crash of the financial markets and the virtuality of values

      Released on 09. Dec. 2014

      What’s the opposite of our real economy? An unreal economy, or maybe a surreal economy? Philosopher Andreas Sommer plays on words and casts doubt on seemingly unquestionable truths.


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    • Zurich People and their Money

      Released on 24. Nov. 2014

      How do the people of Zurich cope with their money? Is there a typical Zurich attitude? An exhibition of the MoneyMuseum addressed this topic in 2006. We will retell you its best stories.


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    • Euro Circulation Coins: Spain – 10, 20 and 50 Cent – Cervantes

      Released on 27. Oct. 2014

      Cervantes, this poet stands for more than just another author in Spain. He represents the Golden Age of the great colonial power embodying its light and its shady side.


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    • The MoneyMuseum Book Collection: Numismatic Books

      Released on 13. Oct. 2014

      Decrees, tables for traders and moneychangers and, of course, books for collectors, this text offers a little insight in the world of numismatics for bibliophile eyes only.


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    • Philosophical reflections upon money

      Released on 17. Sep. 2014

      How does money change us? If we have it? If we lack it? How does money change you, when you turn a banknote into ashes holding it above a candle flame. Philosopher Andreas Sommer reflects upon these effects.


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    • Money in the Land of the Rising Sun III: The Yen

      Released on 02. Sep. 2014

      In the 19th century Japan became part of the international community. A Western-style currency was part of its absolute opening to the Western world.


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    • Euro Circulation Coins: Greece – 1 Cent – Trireme

      Released on 25. Aug. 2014

      The trireme on the Greek 1 Cent piece represents the historical period Greece even today is proud of. It makes us think of the great battle, in which Athens saved the Western world from being conquered by the Persians.


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    • Money in the Land of the Rising Sun II: Japan’s Road to the Yen

      Released on 04. Aug. 2014

      At the beginning of the 17th century Japan isolated itself completely from the outside world. Within this period it developed an own national currency whose history this text is going to tell.


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    • What rules when cash is king?

      Released on 07. Jul. 2014

      Cash is king is a common phrase. But is it true? Who or better what rules when cash is king? Philosopher Andreas Sommer answers this question.


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    • Money in the Land of the Rising Sun I: The Copper Coins of Ancient Japan

      Released on 25. Jun. 2014

      During the 7th century AD the Japanese government started to issue Chinese-style bronze coins. This text summarizes the history of these coins.


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    • Euro Circulation Coins: Spain – 1,2 and 5 Cent – Santiago di Compostela

      Released on 26. May. 2014

      What does the pilgrimage to St. James mean to Spain? And what role did the Way of St. James played for European Christians of medieval times? Here you get the backdrop of the design of the Spanish 1, 2 and 5 cent coins.


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    • A Journey in Pictures: Christianity Conquers Rome

      Released on 26. May. 2014

      It was a long way until the old deities were finally replaced by Christian Trinity in the Roman Empire. The images on coins testify to this change of religion being a difficult one.


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    • A Journey in Pictures through the Mystery Religion

      Released on 12. May. 2014

      Isis, Osiris, Mithras and Cybele – they all were venerated in a way that bears strong resemblance to Christianity. What was the difference of these cults from the traditional kinds of religion in the ancient world?


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    • Euro Circulation Coins: Austria – 2 Euro – Bertha von Suttner

      Released on 12. May. 2014

      Bertha von Suttner was at the forefront of a peace movement that considered in the early 20thcentury that all future wars could be prevented. Thus, she is a worthy protagonist for the Austrian euro coins.


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    • The Design of the Circulation Euro Coins: Italy – 1 Cent – Castel del Monte

      Released on 28. Apr. 2014

      The euro coins are a splendid means for all countries in the eurozone to convey their own self-conception, addressing their own citizens who use the small change on a daily basis, addressing all European citizens to whom the coins find their way… So, how do the individual countries represent themselves? What do they deem important enough to be praised on their coins and for what reason? What do the different designs of the euro coins mean in the state where they have been minted? And why did they find their way into the national coinage?


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    • A Journey in Pictures through Roman Religion

      Released on 28. Apr. 2014

      The magical belief of a people of plain peasants constitutes the cornerstone of Roman religion. As the Roman Empire expanded, so did the Roman pantheon as we can deduce from the designs of the Roman coins.


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    • A Journey in Pictures through Greek Religion

      Released on 14. Apr. 2014


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    • Opponents of Luxury

      Released on 14. Apr. 2014

      What is meant, when we make use of the term ‘luxury’? Is there legitimate and required luxury and at what point does luxury start to be illegitimate? Philosopher Andreas Sommer reflects on this very special word.


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    • Fear and panic in the money markets

      Released on 03. Apr. 2014

      What’s to do, when panic drives you out of your mind? How can you invest deliberately, when the (financial) world falls apart. The neurobiologist G. Hüther hushes fears: Panic is nothing else but a reset of the brain enabling us to find other ways.


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    • Portraits on Coins

      Released on 03. Apr. 2014

      The art historian Karin Althaus takes us on a tour to remarkable coin portraits from the Renaissance to the beginning of the 20th century.


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    • Britain and the Pound Sterling

      Released on 01. Mar. 2014

      The British Pound used to be the leading global currency in the 19th century just like the dollar today. How did that happen? And which economic power was behind it? Here you will find a piece of economic and monetary history.


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    • Money and mendicancy – From alms to citizen’s income

      Released on 14. Feb. 2014

      In the cities, you can hardly miss them. They stand in front of both railway and subway stations, in shopping streets, in front of supermarkets or point of interests. And they grow more and more in number: beggars who ask for charity, sometimes wordless, sometimes audibly. An encounter with them creates an ambivalent situation for many people: if they hasten away without giving any alms, they act against their social conscience. Yet, if they give something out of pity then there is always the suspicion that they might have been exploited…


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    • Money and Modern Society – the History of a Close Relationship

      Released on 17. Jan. 2014

      Money is far more than just a means of economic exchange, but just what are those additional aspects today? A stimulating question that we consider here from theological, ethical and sociological perspectives.


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    • Money and Children - The first opportunity to handle money …

      Released on 16. Jan. 2014

      Mini-Munich was the world’s first kidstown, where kids, helped by a few adults, run their own mini-city. They learn about the complexities of civic life, including budgets. The idea has been a great success, repeated throughout Europe and Asia.


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    • The Meaning of Life and its Relation to Money

      Released on 15. Jan. 2014

      The founder of the Sunflower Foundation, Jürg Conzett, met with pastor Adelheid Jewanski to discuss the meaning of life and the role of money. Their conversation is as relevant today as it was then.


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    • Banknotes as Business Cards of Switzerland

      Released on 14. Jan. 2014

      Our photo tour of Swiss banknotes evokes memories of earlier series of paper currency and we even show some bills that never made it into circulation. We recognize the current 50-franc bill easily enough and we eagerly await the next series of banknotes.


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    • Philosophers and Money

      Released on 13. Jan. 2014

      You might assume that philosophy has nothing good to say about money. But that’s not always been the case. Consider, for example, the very different attitudes of Voltaire and Rousseau on the subject of filthy lucre.


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    • The Eight Deadly Sins of Globalisation

      Released on 13. Jan. 2014

      The flaws of globalisation can be explored from many angles: Keywords like identity loss, mono-culture or financial guerrilla stir us to reflect on these issues.


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    • Money, Work and Leisure

      Released on 12. Jan. 2014

      The meaning of work has changed dramatically throughout history. Our work-oriented society today evolved from the ideal of leisure in ancient times, the "pray and work" ethic in the Middle Ages and the harsh life of factory workers during industrialisation.


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    • The Russian Monetary System from the Kievan Empire to 1897

      Released on 12. Jan. 2014

      "The rouble rolls," the saying goes, and the story of how the rouble came circulate, from the 10th through the 19th century, is richly informative.


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    • Caesar, His Allies and His Enemies

      Released on 11. Jan. 2014

      Around 44 BC, the year of Caesar’s assassination, Rome was in turmoil. The great military campaigns and internal power struggles are reflected in the coinage we show, dating from 49–40 BC.


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    • „Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s …“

      Released on 10. Jan. 2014

      For over 5000 years, we have been called upon to pay taxes: From the levies on the harvest in ancient Egypt to the elaborate tax regimes of the Roman Empire and the tithes and custom duties of the Middle Ages up to today’s value added taxes.


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