Baumann-von Arx Gabriella, publisher W├Ârterseh-Verlag


Gabriella Baumann-von Arx has always been interested in people. She was a physician’s assistant before she married and had two children. Then she began to write for newspapers and magazines. And her stories were always about people. One day she came upon a tale that she simply had to tell: the story of Lotti Latrous, a Swiss woman married to a corporate executive who was posted to Abidjan, capitol of the Ivory Coast. There, she encountered the grim struggle of sick children and their families and decided to help, building a clinic, a hospice and a home for sick kids and their mothers.

The resulting book, Lotti la Blanche, reached the top spot on the Swiss bestseller list in 2003 but despite this commercial success her publisher rejected a second book about this compelling character. This did not, however, stop Baumann-von Arx. Instead of licking her wounds over the rejection, she founded her own publishing house, Wörterseh Velag, which has gone on to produce a series of bestsellers all following the owner’s trusted formula: tell a good story about real people who meet life’s challenges with courage and dignity. This passion works for Gabriella Baumann-von Arx and it works for us, too.


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