Gabriela Manser, entrepreneur


Gabriela Manser’s creativity was already evident as a child and it’s a trait she’s carried with her as she’s moved through the various stations of her career. Starting out as a kindergarten teacher, and then as a hospital educator and head of kindergartens for the city of St. Gallen, she has always been animated by communicating her knowledge and enthusiasm.

When the time came to take over her father’s small mineral water business, she needed all her skills and not a little courage. She knew the business but taking full responsibility was a big step. The results are now in and Manser’s reign has been a resounding success. Production has risen from 2 to 16 million bottles. But this growth was not simple: it imposed a steady learning curve on Manser. And her creativity has been a real asset, too. Creating new flavors and products helped to grow the business. This process, turning an idea into product, together with her trusted team, is her greatest joy. From kindergarten teacher to successful entrepreneur — that’s a jump that needs courage, conviction and sensitivity, all qualities that Gabriela Manser has liters of.


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