Hansjörg Hinrichs, from teacher to South-Seas travel agent


As a small town teacher in rural Switzerland, Hansjörg Hinrichs enjoyed a comfortable life. He had a secure job, steady income and had even bought land a built a house. Not too bad for a 27-year-old. But rather than cultivate his garden and attend to his teaching duties, he answered the call to discover new worlds. Given the chance to lead a group tour of the Borneo, he jumped at the opportunity. This meant giving up his teaching job, which was the foundation of his financial security, but he didn't hesitate. He returned from this trip seriously ill but with a new vision for his future. Turning down an offer to return to teaching, he traveled the world again. And he not only discovered realms of unimaginable beauty, he also came to understand himself far better than his earlier life had allowed. Today he owns and operates Pacific Society, a leading travel agency arranging individual journeys to the South Seas. In fact we can say his new life carries a bit of his old life with it: like a passionate teacher, he opens up the beauty of new lands to his clients.


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