Letters in The Middle Ages


Letters to Attila, Charlemagne, Archduke Sigismund and Emperor Charles V

The Middle Ages, so often referred to as the Dark Ages, extend from the days when the Germanic peoples began to migrate to the magnificent times and deeds of the Renaissance. It is an epoch in which much is, indeed, still in the dark from a historical point of view. But also a time which created in up-and-coming Franconia the cradle of our present-day Europe. An era full of ignorance, chaos and yet, in the end, of great energy, which brought forth new systems of values and economies or at least prepared the ground for them.

To sum up a whole millennium of (monetary) history on a few pages and to want to do a certain degree of justice to it is probably impossible. The following letters from a European living in the third millennium to outstanding personalities want at least to try to do the impossible.

Letters from Today to the Middle Ages

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