Money Moves People


Money moves people and even those for whom money is of secondary importance. This is shown, last but not least, in the statements of the six personalities who are portrayed in this film. They range from the seminar leader and the aircraft restorer, the lady pastor and the artist to the silk manufacturer and the sociologist, people with quite different backgrounds. And the role money plays in their lives is as different as they are.


  • 1 Introduction with Jürg Conzett, Sunflower Foundation
  • 2 Harald Wessbecher, seminar leader, author
  • 3 Roby Steiner, aircraft restorer 
  • 4 Adelheid Jewanski, pastor
  • 5 H. R. Giger, designer, artist, author, museum director
  • 6 Andi Stutz, silk manufacturer
  • 7 Aldo Haesler, professor of sociology



My name is Jürg Conzett. I’m the director of the MoneyMuseum.  There are always two sides to  money: the economic side which is all about exchange, and the symbolic side, the magical side.  Ever since I was a boy, I have had a great interest in the magical side of money, more so than the economic side.

I studied History at Zurich University. As a student, I was always more interested in general history rather than the history of one individual country, so I chose that as my subject. After a while, I began collecting coins because coins offer a special way of moving beyond simple dates that are important in history. With a coin, you’ve got something there in your hand, usually a picture or a portrait, and by putting one picture next to the other you can create an overview of history.

As I wanted to keep these coins and the hundreds of pages of texts that I had collected and the pictures belonging to these texts with me at all times, I had the idea of putting my collection on the internet as a way of making it constantly available to me, whether at home or away. .

That’s how MoneyMuseum dot com came into being.

Over time, after that history book or MoneyMuseum had gone online, I began to wish for a physical and actual MoneyMuseum. That is now the MoneyMuseum at Hartlaubstrasse. I have always been interested in the interplay between people and money: what people do with money, and what money does to people.

I have always liked watching these processes form, which is definitely easier with a physical MoneyMuseum. Therefore, the MoneyMuseum at Hartlaubstrasse not only contains a history of money with respect to the past, like any money museum, but there is also the link to the present and the future, that is, the emotional, the spiritual and the magical part. And I have great hopes that the MoneyMuseum will become a meeting place with lectures, discussions and events. The first guest lecturers already appear in this film. This is meant to be a museum that, from our point of view, is constantly changing. It’s like looking down on Zurich from the Lindenhof: down there is the river carrying water into the Rhine. This is how I see the MoneyMuseum; a safe retreat where we keep an overview of the development of money, whatever that development will look like -  like that river flowing down there.


  • Harald Wessbecher

Psychologist, lecturer, writer

For me, the freedom from financial worries seems to be especially attainable when I am able to create money and success from within myself... And to me, freedom is exactly that.


  • Roby Steiner

Airplane restorer

I’ve got everything but money.


  • Adelheid Jewanski


But I also see money as something that I can give away, that I can be generous with.


  • HR Giger

Designer, artist, writer, manager of a museum

I’m not interested in money itself. You just need to have enough of it.


  • Andi Stutz


To me, money has a liberating effect, especially when you can spend it the way I do.


  • Aldo Haesler

Professor of Economics and Sociology

Money is slipping from our hands because it has become an invisible object. Money is turning into a phantom.

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