Money, Work and Leisure


"Chi non lavora non fa l'amore": the hit with which the Italian singer Adriano Celentano won the San Remo Festival in 1970 still rings as clearly in my ears as if it had only yesterday climbed to the top of the hit parades. That a woman refuses to make love to a man if he does not work and bring home the money can, on the one hand, be regarded as a half joking and half serious reminder by the wife who may have to cook for a few "bambini." In a deeper sense, however, the broad hint leads to exciting subjects: What is the connection between work and money? And what is the field of tension between leisure time and work? That one has to work in our world to earn money, and that one needs money to be able to live a decent life is a truism, a matter of fact that tempts us to draw up the equations "more work = more money" and "more money = a better life." But that these equations are not always right is shown when the MoneyMuseum takes a closer look at the subjects of "money, work and leisure."

Text by Carol Schwyzer

Money, Work and Leisure

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