Pius Notter, garden architect


Born into a farming family in rural Switzerland, Pius Notter began his working life as a baker’s apprentice, getting up every day at 4 in the morning. But he soon saw this was not his path in life: for one thing, the flour dust made him ill. Circumstances led him to the insurance business, where he met with considerable success. He rose briskly through the ranks as a manager. But his heart lay elsewhere, in the clean beauty of the mountains, where he went to relax. He collected stones and crystals and even plants and small trees. And then he discovered the art of the Japanese garden, in particular, bonsai, the cultivation of miniature trees, and he hasn’t looked back. Today, he is recognized around the world as a master of garden design. His hobby became his work and his joy is self-evident.

Signet Sunflower Foundation