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Thousands of coin images in the digital collection of the MoneyMuseum – from the Greeks to today. And each coin is easy to find: either give the search string into the search field or use the +-sign to get a more detailed search function. The coins can be sorted by Era, Material, Theme etc. 

Follow these steps:


Search for the coin image

coins: easy to search
  • Era: important for Antiquity and Middle Ages, such as «Greek World» or «Roman Empire»
  • Origin and Country: suitable for the Modern Time, for searches either according to Continent or specific Country. 
  • Material: Gold, Silver, Bronze, Paper und Other Materials
  • Theme: various themes, such as «Portraits», «Lead Currencies», «Eagle»
  • Year: Search for a period or a specific year


Description of the Coin

Description of the coin


  • Click on the coin to enlarge it 
  • Download the image with right-click 


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