audio: The just price - Introduction



Welcome to the exhibition “The just price”. The focus of this exhibition is the economic history of the Middle Ages. We want to show you that the law of supply and demand is not as everlasting and natural as it seems nowadays. Different rules applied in the Middle Ages – which ones exactly you will find out in our five Picture Tours.

Join us as we go on this journey through time to the Middle Ages and you will get the chance to visit knights in their castles, peasants on their farms and meet the small group of townspeople. Those few burghers, who lived in tiny houses hidden behind massive city walls, are the founding fathers of our global world economy.

Our Picture Tours aim to explain how the modern market economy developed out of small seeds planted many centuries ago. They also want to offer an alternative view on today’s understanding of money, wealth and the meaning of life. No medieval man would comprehend why we frantically chase money, wealth and influence. Different benchmarks were set in the Middle Ages.

We recommend you eliminate all previous prejudices you have developed from watching historical movies. Allow yourself to be drawn into the world of the Middle Ages. And always remember: Medieval men and women weren’t any better or worse, smarter or dumber than we are. They simply had a different range of experiences. These Picture Tours will tell you all about those experiences.

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