audio: The just Price - The self-conception of the bourgeoisie and the new money market



What impact does it have on a townsman if his lord is now dependent on him and his ability to develop new sources of income? The Picture Tour “The self-conception of the bourgeoisie and the new money market” deals with precisely this question. It looks at the social, mental and economic changes that were triggered by the founding of numerous new towns and markets. We can tell exactly what was traded in what manner. The Republic of Venice serves as an example as its wealth was based on its role as a trade center. We will get a peek at the holds of ships and will look at the contracts traders made with each other to optimize profit and make any possible risks more manageable.

This Picture Tour, which also covers the years between 1100 and 1300 AD, speaks of large sums of money and explains how they could be earned and how someone could advance socially as a consequence.

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