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Systematic investment products for today's investor? "Black box", "don't trust a machine" are some arguments - but they are wrong. Systematic stands for consequent adaptation and implementation of an investment strategy. And that is 70% of the success on the financial market. In these videos, physicist Steven Bates portraits his model. 


Human behaviour plays more of a role in investing than you may think. Steven Bates, CEO of QLAB Invest, explores the psychological traps and resulting impact on financial markets and on investment returns.


Is it possible to remove the worry from managing your money? Steven Bates, CEO of QLAB Invest, explains how a highly disciplined investment process can help navigate markets without falling foul of the most common psychological traps. The resulting portfolio exhibits what are known as “convex returns” which give investors the peace of mind to stay invested and earn good returns with lower risk as a result.


How can higher returns be achieved without taking on as much risk as the equity markets? Steven Bates, CEO of QLAB Invest, explains an innovative approach to generating high equity-like returns but with lower and more stable risk than equity markets.


We often talk of volatility as a measure of risk, but drawdown, or loss of capital is what we feel and more importantly what might cause us to react emotionally rather than rationally. Steven Bates, CEO of QLAB Invest uses the recent market volatility and drawdowns to explain how managing drawdown risk pays off in the long run.


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