The Sunflower Foundation engages us to question our understanding of money and to consider alternatives. Lively exchanges of ideas appear on all its platforms. 


  • MoneyForum brings business and academic leaders together to exchange views on money-related themes. 
  • SunflowerTalks focus on core issues, for example, in the money:critical series. 
  • Many disciplines and points of view are represented in Not Business as Usual, from Conzett Publishing.


  • The Sunflower Foundation operates the MoneyMuseum in Zurich. Special exhibitions explore wide-ranging money-related topics, from the lives of workingwomen in Zürich in 1900 to the story of how China in the 9th century changed its currency from cowrie-shells to copper coins (worthless items in themselves), from Bitcoin to Traditional Money.


  • The Sunflower Foundation offers a wealth of educational material on Apple’s iTunes U platform.


  • Our popular Quiz App on iTunes is a playful approach to the topic of money and its history.


  • The Sunflower Foundation supports academic research on relevant themes.