Roman Empire, Nero, As


Roman Empire, Nero, As (obverse) Roman Empire, Nero, As (reverse)

The obverse of this as shows Nero, doubtless one of the most commonly known Roman emperors (54-68). Nero is regarded as the prototype of a mad ruler; assassinations, scandals, and the great fire of Rome have formed his reputation to posterity.

But Nero was also interested in the fine arts. He performed publically, sung and played the lyre. Fine arts were well regarded in Rome; however, they were to be presented in private, and not to the public. For the Roman upper classes, Nero behaved impossible and utterly un-Roman.

The reverse of the coin depicts Victoria, the goddess of victory. She is holding a shield with the inscription SPQR for 'Senatus Populusque Romanus,' The Senate and People of Rome.


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