Roman Republic, Denarius Serratus


Roman Republic, Denarius Serratus (obverse) Roman Republic, Denarius Serratus (reverse)

This denarius serratus, a serrated denarius, was issued in the year 81 BC by Gaius Marius Capito in Rome. The obverse depicts Ceres, the Roman goddess of agriculture. Behind her is the legend CAPIT. XXXVII. The first part refers to the moneyer's cognomen, Capito; the Roman numeral and the scorpion below Ceres' chin are mint control-marks, used to control the number of dies.

The reverse depicts a ploughman with a yoke of oxen. The number XXXVII above is a mint control-mark again. The inscription below, C. MARI. C. F, stands for Gaius Marius, Caii filius (Gaius Marius, son of Gaius).


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