Peoples Republic of Bangladesh, Taka 1975


Peoples Republic of Bangladesh, Taka 1975 (obverse) Peoples Republic of Bangladesh, Taka 1975 (reverse)

Bangladesh was part of British-India, the British colonial empire on the Indian subcontinent, until 1947. That year the colony became independent and was divided into the predominantly Hindu state of India and the Islamic state of Pakistan. Bengal with its mostly Islamic population was allotted to Pakistan, even though geographically, India lay between them. Additionally there were cultural, linguistical and economical differences between Bengal and Pakistan. Hence Bengal got caught in a long lasting and bloody war of secession against Pakistan. In 1971 the region gained full independence and adopted the name of Bangladesh. As of January 1, 1972, Bangladesh got its own currency, the taka at 100 poisha. The name of taka harked back to the old Sanscrit word "tanka," a medieval Indian silver coin. The taka bears on its obverse the national emblem of Bangladesh, a shapla flower over sinuous lines between paddy ears, tealeaves and four stars. The reverse shows a stylized family.


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