Römische Kaiserzeit, Contantius II, Maiorina


Römische Kaiserzeit, Contantius II, Maiorina (obverse) Römische Kaiserzeit, Contantius II, Maiorina (reverse)

Constantine the Great designated his three sons Constantinus II, Constans and Constantius II as successors. Constantius II (337-361), whom he trusted most, became emperor of the important East, while Constantinus II and Constans had to share the West.

Constantius looked much like his father, and emphasized this on his money. Until the time of mass media, coins were important mediums of information. Spreading fast and wide, they transported the appearance of an emperor and his political program into every corner of the empire. Like little cartoons, they enabled the illiterate to interpret them as well.

The reverse of this maiorina shows a soldier with a lance and an shield over a fallen horseman. The coin was issued immediately after the Battle of Mursa and likely depicts a scene from that battle of the year 351. In that event Constantius II fought successfully against a usurper.


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