Roman Empire, Antoninus Pius, Denarius


Roman Empire, Antoninus Pius, Denarius (obverse) Roman Empire, Antoninus Pius, Denarius (reverse)

The 'time of the adoptive emperors' was a time of bloom for the Roman Empire. This made itself felt especially during the 23 year-long reign of Antoninius Pius (138-161 AD), who had the good fortune to not have any bellicose conflicts to fight. A remarkable moment in the history of Rome. Antoninius Pius was an emperor with good intentions who left not many traces in history, neither good nor bad.

The time of the adoptive emperors began in 96 AD with the adoption of Trajan by the ancient emperor Nerva. After that for almost one hundred years, the heir to the imperial throne was chosen as the respective 'best,' and secured as successor to the emperor by adoption. This epoch came to an end when Marcus Aurelius determined his son as his successor. This was Commodus, one of the most extravagant emperors of Antiquity (180-192 AD).


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