Swiss Confederation, 5 Rappen 2010


Swiss Confederation, 5 Rappen 2010 (obverse) Swiss Confederation, 5 Rappen 2010 (reverse)

The Swiss 5 rappen-coin was minted for the first time in 1850, with an alloy that still contained 5 percent of silver. In 1879 the alloy was changed and the coins now minted from copper-nickel. In 1918 it was changed to brass and in the years from 1932 to 1941, the fiver was made from pure nickel.

In 1981, the 5 rappen-coin got its today typical yellowish color; since then the alloy is made from copper, aluminum and nickel. This change was due to two factors: on the one hand the cost for the material, that had previously been higher than the face value of the coin. On the other hand confusion with the piece of 50 rappens, which had about the same size, should henceforth be prevented.


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