Etruria, Populonia, 10 Asses


Etruria, Populonia, 10 Asses (obverse) Etruria, Populonia, 10 Asses (reverse)

The Etruscans were a determining factor of power on the Italian peninsula for centuries. From the 8th century on they acted as mediators between the Greek and pro-Celtic worlds. With the ascent of Rome since the late 4th century, the Etruscans lost significance and independence. When this coin was minted, the once proud Etruria had already merged with the Roman Republic.

This coin points both to past and present of the Etruscans. The image of the nymph Arethusa refers to the Greek world; the nominal (10 asses), on the other hand, is Roman, as is the value given in the form of the Latin number X. Therewith this coin corresponded to the denarius which had been introduced around 211 BC.


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