Holy Roman Empire, City of Zug, 1 Zwölfer


Holy Roman Empire, City of Zug, 1 Zwölfer (obverse) Holy Roman Empire, City of Zug, 1 Zwölfer (reverse)

This piece of 12 kreuzers depicts Saint Oswald, after whom the coin was named too, for in popular speech these coins were called "Oswalders." Oswald was worshipped since the 15th century as city saint of Zug. On the coins he was mostly represented as king, for Oswald was the son of King Aethelfrith of Northumbria, a kingdom in England. His father was killed in an insurgency, and Oswald fled to the island of Hy, off the southwest coast of Scotland. In Hy stood a monastery where Oswald was warmly taken in. Oswald was baptized before he reconquered his lands in 634, and introduced Christendom in Northumbria. Oswald is often illustrated with a raven, of which the case is as follows: when Oswald was to be anointed in the course of his coronation, the phial with the sacred oil was destroyed. A raven brought him another. Then a second raven brought a coronation ring. On this coin, the raven holds the ring in its beak, while the phial is visible beneath the bird.


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