The History of the Sunflower Foundation and Its Platforms




Dr Juerg Conzett builds an exclusive private coin collection with the help of the art historian and numismatist MA Marie-Alix Roesle under the informed advice of the numismatist Leo Mildenberg. Leading currencies from the beginnings of our time to present days are the main emphasis of the coin collection.

May 1998

Dr Juerg Conzett is looking for a possibility to make his growing coin collection accessible to the public and decides to build an online museum for the history of money and currencies on the Internet.

April 1999

With www.moneymuseum.com one of the first museums for the history of money and currencies goes online. At its core visitors will find texts, images and historical maps on monetary and world history which illuminate the period of the antiquity to present days.

June 1999

Dr Juerg Conzett founds the Sunflower Foundation and assigns his private coin collection to the umbrella organisation of the MoneyMuseum. The stated aim of the foundation is to present the history of money and currencies to a layman audience for a better understanding.


January–June 2000

The coin collection and the staff of the MoneyMuseum grow constantly. Besides Marie-Alix Roesle, other qualified employees with backgrounds in history, archaeology, German language and literature studies and graphics now work for the museum.

July 2000

With Drachme, Dirhem, Taler, Pfund (Drachm, Dirham, Thaler, Pound) the Sunflower Foundation issues the firstpublication of the MoneyMuseum.

October 2000

The MoneyMuseum becomes a visiting exhibitor in the New Media Center of the Swiss National Museum in Zurich and thus for the first time has a physical presence.


1st June 2001

The exhibition Best of Europe – Images of Power and Vanityopens in the New Media Center of the Swiss National Museum in Zurich. This exhibition arose from a cooperation between the MoneyMuseum and the coin cabinet of the Swiss National Museum.

September 2001

In the MoneyMuseum's website new pages open in both German and English language. Thus for the first time the complete coin collection of the Sunflower Foundation is accessible to a wide audience. Basis for the new pages is a dynamic publishing program developed by the foundation.


February 2002

The MoneyMuseum opens a room in the Museum Bärengasse in the heart of Zurich showing the exhibition Geld und Geist (Money and Mind).

March 2002

The Sunflower Foundation acquires the first own exhibition rooms for the MoneyMuseum at Hadlaubstrasse 106 in Zurich. The new showrooms shall be rebuilt and opened in spring 2003. In particular they shall have the function of a platform for encounters and talks about money and everything else under the sun.

April 2002

Radio MoneyMuseum starts broadcasting its first audio plays*. Along with a trilogy about the world's leading currencies laughing and quarrelling with one another, the history of past and present financial crises and other stories are told.

31st August 2002

In Zurich's Long Night of Museums, which annually takes place, the MoneyMuseum presents its movie Geld bewegt(unter the title Money Moves People also published as a DVD in English) in the Museum Bärengasse. The movie introduces six personalities talking about their relations to money.


4th February 2003

The MoneyMuseum at Hadlaubstrasse opens its doors for the public and welcomes visitors every Tuesday afternoon from 1 to 5.5 pm. In the ground floor it presents works of the book collection, in the hall and the small room in the basement (from 2009 called Treasure Chamber) it shows important coins of the Western history of money.

1st April 2003

The MoneyMuseum at Hadlaubstrasse starts its firstevents*. A panel discussion on its video Geld bewegt and lectures on the audio plays of Radio MoneyMuseum as well as numismatic subjects are on the programme.

2nd July 2003

The Association of the Swiss Coin Dealers awards the Otto Paul Wenger Prize to Dr Juerg Conzett for his efforts in numismatics. Thus the MoneyMuseum receives its first award.


January 2004

The page of quizzes goes online on the MoneyMuseum'swebsite. The new page contains quizzes about world history and the history of money as well as about cultural issues.

March 2004

The MoneyMuseum at Hadlaubstrasse expands its media offer by a video station and presents its first productions, among them the video Länder und Münzen im Spiegel ihrer Zeit (Nations and Coins as Seen by Their Time).

May 2004

Thanks to a digital audio guide visitors to theMoneyMuseum at Hadlaubstrasse can now discover the museum on their own.


January 2005

The page of surveys goes online on the MoneyMuseum'swebsite. Here, visitors can participate in opinion polls addressing money.

April 2005

The MoneyMuseum at Hadlaubstrasse opens its first special exhibition in the small room. It is titled On the Way to Value-less Money and outlines the development of currencies in the East and the West. At the same time, the MoneyMuseum issues the first video, that is available as a DVD. It is titledRegionalwährungen in Deutschland: Wirtschaften mit neuem Geld (Regional Currencies in Germany: New Money in Commerce).

September 2005

On the occasion of Zurich's Long Night of Museums theMoneyMuseum enlarges its exhibition about the coin history of Zurich in the Museum Bärengasse. The show under the title Womit Casanova in Zürich zahlte ... (What Casanova Paid with in Zurich …) presents coins and documents illustrating the purchasing power, but also the exchange rates and wages of those times.


January 2006

The Sunflower Foundation launches its impulse projectZeta (an acronym of the German name "Zeittausch," i.e. "time exchange"), intended to prompt people in all parts of Switzerland to initiate time exchange projects on a private basis to help one another mutually in the event of illness and the need of support.

March 2006

In the showcases of the MoneyMuseum at Hadlaubstrasse the number of exhibits from ancient Rome has doubled. In addition to the coins of the Roman Republic and the imperial times already on display, the exhibition shows a number of new coins from the latter period. It became possible thanks to the purchase of the collection of Kurt Wyprächtiger, who has assembled a magnificent corpus of Roman imperial coins over 40 years.

28th April 2006

The new exhibition Zurich People and Their Money, designed by a cooperation of the MoneyMuseum and the Swiss National Museum in Zurich, opens at Museum Bärengasse. It spans over 2,000 years of the coin history of Zurich. In addition, provocative views on Zurich as a modern financial place, the opportunity to explore ones own relation to money and interviews with contemporaries concerning their financial behaviour shed light on actual aspects of the subject. The manifold, multimedia-based exhibition will be open to the public until March 4, 2007 (extended until mid-July 2007).


January 2007

What began on 28th April 2006 in the Museum Bärengasse, continues in a modified fashion in the MoneyMuseum at Hadlaubstrasse: the exhibition Zurich People and Their Money takes up the core of the original show – the 20 stations dealing withthe coin history of Zurich – and presents it in an extended context.

9th March 2007

The Sunflower Foundation enhances its engagement for time and talent exchange that has commenced in 2006 and for the first time acts as co-organiser for the annual meeting of experts on exchange trading systems in Aarau. It is the 5th supraregional meeting of Swiss exchange organisations up to now.

10th May 2007

The Tauschtreff Zürich, an non-profit joint project of the Social Services of the Zurich Social Department and theSunflower Foundation, opens at the meeting point Solino at Schanzengraben 15.

25th August 2007

The first meeting of the German speaking Cyclos members takes place in Zurich under the aegis of the Sunflower Foundation. Cyclos is an open-source software developed by the Netherlands STRO Foundation for the administration of complementary currency systems. The Sunflower Foundation supports the introduction of Cyclos in Switzerland.


March 2008

In the small room of the MoneyMuseum at Hadlaubstrasse the special exhibition Highlights from the MoneyMuseum's Collection opens its doors to the public. The show presents the most beautiful coins from antiquity and introduces aspects of the more recent monetary history on the basis of some selected European countries.

7th March 2008

The 6th supraregional meeting of Swiss exchange organisations, organised by the Sunflower Foundation and its platform MoneyLab, takes place in Aarau. At the meeting the foundation gives a lecture.

April 2008

The main exhibition in the hall of the MoneyMuseum at Hadlaubstrasse presents itself in a new form: it now focuses on the latest monetary history of Switzerland. In addition, new minting presses and, in the ground floor, Chinese currencies as well as traditional means of payment are presented.

April 2008

The online test My Money Personality, an offer of theMoneyMuseum, has been improved and is ready for the public to give it a test. The quiz is clearly laid out and its navigation is simple, thus making it easy to use.

May 2008

The Sunflower Foundation's in form and content completely renewed website goes online. The reason for this renewal were various projects that started early this year. Alongside with the MoneyMuseum as platform for the history of money and currencies, the Sunflower Foundation is busy building the MoneyForum as platform for discussions on economic policies, as well as the MoneyLab as training and information platform in the segment of complementary currencies and internet economy.

October 2008

The Mediatheque on the website of the Sunflower Foundation goes online. It assembles all media productions of the foundation and its platforms in one place. Videos and audio plays are accessible online for free, while some publications can be downloaded as PDF.

November 2008

Due to a new federal policy on museums, the Swiss National Museum in Zurich closes its Museum Bärengasse at the end of November 2008. With this the MoneyMuseum's two exhibitions Geld und Geist (from 2002) and Womit Casanova in Zürich zahlte ... (from 2005) also come to an end.


January–December 2009

The Sunflower Foundation launches its new projectMoneyWorld, a scenographic exhibition about money, assets and wealth. The foundation gained the city of Zurich as a partner, for the latter's Museum Bärengasse is the ideal location for the exhibition.

February 2009

The website of the MoneyMuseum goes online with a new, clearly laid-out design. The new website puts the Museum's coin collection more prominently in focus and offers additional attractions. The highlight among them is the multi-optional search page that allows searching the MoneyMuseum's coin collection for diverse criteria.

6th March 2009

The 7th supraregional meeting of Swiss exchange organisations, organised by the Sunflower Foundation and its platform MoneyLab, takes place in Aarau. On this occasion the meeting is renamed in Tauschforum Schweiz (Exchange Forum Switzerland).

March 2009

With "Coins," the iPhone app of the MoneyMuseum, the coin collection is also available on the mobile phone. The app comprises over 2,000 coins and, among others, the following options: search for coins, call up facts, enlarge coin designs, bookmark coins, visit coin tours.

May 2009

The Sunflower website displays the first contents of theMoneyLab compiling all activities of the Sunflower Foundation on complementary currencies (Zeta, Cyclos, exchange networks) and on new financial technologies.

3th September 2009

Under the supervision of Dr Peter Hablützel starts the first lecture and discussion series of the MoneyForum at Bärengasse in Zurich. The events* run under the titleFinanzmarktkrise – Herausforderung und Chance (The Financial Market Crisis – a Challenge and a Chance).

November 2009

Coins from China, the monetary history of Islam, money in times of war and shortage and, last but not least, saints and their symbols on Christian coins from the Middle Ages – these are the main focuses of the new special exhibition of theMoneyMuseum at Hadlaubstrasse, presented in the ground floor and the hall. At the same time the former special exhibition, Highlights from the MoneyMuseum's Collection, which is presented in the Treasure Chamber in the basement, becomes semi-permanent.


January 2010

In the ground floor and in the basement of theMoneyMuseum at Hadlaubstrasse new digital galleries are at the visitors' disposal. Their screens allow easy navigation through coin and picture tours with regard to the running exhibitions.

January 2010

The MoneyMuseum expands its opening hours and is open to the public on Tuesdays and Fridays from 1.00 to 5.30 pm.

16th April 2010

The 8th Tauschforum Schweiz, organized by the Sunflower Foundation and its platform MoneyLab, takes place again in Lucerne, were the meeting was founded in 2002. At the meeting the foundation gives a lecture and introduceswww.tauschforum.ch, the new information platform of the forum.

14th June 2010

The MoneyLab puts online its new web page "MoneyTests and MoneyGames" with recently developed offers. The page allows testing ones money and investor personality in a playful and yet instructive way, and enables finding out ones understanding of financial investments and the language of the stock market.

July 2010

In the hall of the MoneyMuseum at Hadlaubstrasse opens the special exhibition Gold between Dream and Reality. The exhibition offers facts on the history of gold, its characteristics and usages and, last but not least, its mystical and fabulous aspects. In addition, accompanying events take place.

4th November 2010

At Bärengasse the final event of the MoneyForum's first lecture and discussion series take place. It is a panel discussion with three experts discussing solutions of the too-big-to-fail problem. The event is presented by Dr Peter Hablützel.


4th January 2011

The Sunflower Foundation starts its electronic newsletter*"Money." The newsletter will come out about four times a year and inform about the activities of the Sunflower platforms MoneyMuseum, MoneyForum, MoneyLab and MoneyWorld as well as interesting news and facts on money.

January 2011

With "CoinsHD" the coin collection of the MoneyMuseum is also available for iPad users. The app offers the same options as "Coins," the iPhone app of the museum.

February 2011

Besides the monetary history of China the semi-permanent exhibition Traditional Currencies from Africa, Asia and Oceania is recently on show in the ground floor of theMoneyMuseum at Hadlaubstrasse. It illustrates with shells, spearheads, pearls and many other forms of traditional money what has served other people as a means of payment at different times. The exhibition is accompanied by the publication Money in Other Societies and an event.

March 2011

The new semi-permanent exhibition Antiquity Is Alive opens in the Treasure Chamber of the MoneyMuseum at Hadlaubstrasse. It presents coins from Greek and Roman antiquity, leading currencies with their ancient examples and coins of which the motifs are influenced by Greek and Roman religion.

31st March 2011

The Conzett Verlag, a company of the Sunflower Foundation in law, whose publishing was previously attended to by the Oesch Verlag, returns to the parent house. The reason: the management of the Oesch Verlag places its business step by step into other hands in the course of retirements.

1st April 2011

The new special exhibition The Female Worker around 1900opens in the hall of the MoneyMuseum at Hadlaubstrasse. It sheds light on the consequences of the industrialisation on female workers and is dedicated to the former female factory worker, trade unionist and later publisher Verena Conzett, for whose 150th birthday her great-great-grandson, Dr Jürg Conzett, the founder of the MoneyMuseum, has launched the exhibition.

April 2011

The MoneyLab completes its training on the introduction and use of the Cyclos software with a course on organisation development.

15th April 2011

The 9th Tauschforum Schweiz, organised by the Sunflower Foundation and its platform MoneyLab, takes place in Lucerne. At the meeting the foundation introduces its new course on organisation development.

May 2011

The Conzett Verlag appears with a new logo and a completely renewed website, presenting the works* in a more prominent way. What content they offer, how they are built up and designed is shown by the "Blick ins Buch" (Look inside). In addition, every title can be ordered online.

July 2011

In the MoneyMuseum at Hadlaubstrasse there is a coin vending machine at the visitors disposal by which a 20-rappen coin can be overstruck with the MoneyMuseum's own currency. There are four coin motifs in offer. Every coin is worth 10 francs and accepted as means of payment only in the museum.

16th September 2011

The MoneyLab invites five scientists and a practical person to the first Sunflower talk on the economy of the 21st century. The talk focuses on economics systems with and without money.


February–April 2012

The Conzett Verlag issues its first e-books. With the passing of the year additional e-books based on print editions are published.

3rd April 2012

In the ground floor and in the hall of the MoneyMuseum at Hadlaubstrasse the new special exhibition Playing with Lady Luck opens its doors to the public. It is dedicated to the glittering and controversial world of gambling. The exhibition is accompanied by a publication and events.

13th April 2012

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, the Tauschforum Schweiz, organised by the Sunflower Foundation and its platformMoneyLab, takes place in Lucerne.

12th September 2012

Unter the title Überschuldete Staaten: Was folgt auf den Pumpkapitalismus? (Overindebted Nations: What Follows the Credit-Based Capitalism?) the MoneyForum starts its second lecture and discussion series at Bärengasse. The events are presented by Dr Katja Gentinetta.

October 2012

With Abolishing Money the Conzett Verlag issues the first e-book, that as a print edition was published under the label of the MoneyMuseum.



1st April 2013

Additionally to its semi-permanent exhibitions, theMoneyMuseum at Hadlaubstrasse offers exhibitions about new subjects. Furthermore, the museum opens until further notice exclusively for guided tours after booking in advance.

10th April 2013

The city of Zurich and the Sunflower Foundation issue a joint communiqué to inform the public about the fact that the project MoneyWorld will not be realised. The scenographic exhibition about money, assets and wealth was supposed to open in the Museum Bärengasse in 2014. 

12th April 2013

The 11th Tauschforum Schweiz, organised by the Sunflower Foundation and its platform MoneyLab, takes place in Lucerne. The topic discussed at the meeting is the forum's future.

22nd May 2013 Prof. Monika Bütler talks in the MoneyForum about whether transfer payments to the social needy act as stabilizer in an overindepted society. Answers are given in the minutes in the download archive of the MoneyForum.
September 2013 The new website of the Sunflower Foundation goes live. All video and audio products can now be consumed on smart phones and iPad alike which is the preferred way for most viewers. The website itself is optimized for smart phones. 
27th September, 2013

On September 27th, 2013 the 6th Sunflower Talk was held in Zurich. The group discussed the question on how money and community relate to each other. It was agreed that Prof. H.P. Znoj will lead a study group with the goal to present several initiatives such as TALENTE Vorarlberg and others that experiment with economic alternative solutions. The group is planning a publication on the subject in 2014.

1st October 2013 Roger de Weck, head of the Swiss Radio and TV Corporation, talks about the future of capitalism. The event is part of the MoneyMuseum series. De Weck avoids any concrete forecast, but describes several important factors to consider in detail. See download archive. 
November 2013

The KISS-project is progressing. Several Swiss communities are considering the implementation of a time banking system in order to support elderly people in their homes. Migros Kulturprozent promotes the KISS-project in order to support a nationwide launch. The Sunflower Foundation acts as intermediary and coordinates knowledge and experience gained within existing time barter systems.


February 2nd, 2014

Event in the MoneyForum with Prof. Dr. Martin Janssen about "The Future of Switzerland outside the European Union". 

March 14, 2014

Sunflower Talks on the Lake of Sempach with the subject "alternative economy". Prof. HP Znoj will publish the findings in a brochure. 

March 24, 2014

Start of our offering on iTunes UEvery fortnight, the MoneyMuseum loads up new content on its platform on iTunes U. The subject of money is covered from many angles. Viewers may select from categories such as "money yesterday", "money today", "movies about money", "success stories" and "exploring the world of money". It is the goal of the MoneyMuseum to make people conscious on often neglected dimensions of money. Counting money might be important too, but financial literacy is crucial. 

May 24, 2014 Sunflower Talks in Bad Bellingen on "Monetary Theory" with an enlarged group of experts. 
May 29, 2014 The offering on iTunes U by the MoneyMuseum went live in March. After only two months, the english version of the podcast series "Exploring the World of Money" was featured on the start page of iTunes U worldwide. The result: the number of viewers per week shot up from 300 to over 1.000. This is a first big success and reflects the innovative nature of this new offering. 
August 2014 Sunflower establishes an own video studio to facilitate its video production. 
October 2014 Opening of the new exhibition at the MoneyMuseum: "Money and Power in the Roman Republic" and "bitcoin - a currency or a network?"
December 2014 The new website for the presentation of our video production goes online under the tag "MoneyStory".



Feb 2nd, 2015

Event in the MoneyForum with Prof. Dr. Thomas Straubhaar about "When does Switzerland loose its special status?". 

 Feb 24th, 2015

Vernissage for the Exhibiton Bitcoin and Roman Republic at the MoneyMuseum. 
March 7, 2015 Sunflower Talks on Money Theory in Lucerne and publication of the booklet (in German): The Other Economy - Talks with Poeple who have tried it. 
May 12, 2015 Event at the MoneyMuseum on "Julius Caesar and the beloved money".
June 23, 2015 Event at the MoneyMuseum on "Emperor Augustus and the beloved money". 
July 1, 2015 Sunflower Foundation donates a first fellowship for the Science of Money. Eske Bockelmann will write a concise booklet on his innovative thinking on money. 
Aug 1st, 2015 MoneyQuiz - a fist lean-app for the smart phone. What is a pip? What is a drawdown? The user learns - by playing and by getting constant feedbaci - what the investor has to know today. The MoneyQuiz is being continuously expanded with questions on money and common knowledge. 
Second half of Year

Production of additional video presentations in the field of history of money and monetary theory, work on website optimization with the goal to achieve high rankings with search engines and preparatory work on our new exhibition „money:critical“. 



Feb 4-6, 2015

Sunflower Talks on the Rigi with the theme "Money:critical" 

Feb 18, 2016

Presentation at the MoneyMuseum about Commons and Commoning. Spezialist Silke Helfrich talks about her work.

March 1, 2016

Introduction of our new navigational tool which greatly facilitates the lookup of our contents.

April, 1, 2016 Seminar Series: Future of the World Economy, MoneyMuseum. To discuss the future of society, Lykkex starts a series of open education seminars "Future of the World Economy", featuring innovative industry practitioniers and forward-looking academics. Speaker: Nick Szabo, pionieer of Bitcoin; Discussant: Richard Olsen. 
April 15, 2015 How  Capitalism changed money. Lecture by Ulrike Hermann, Berlin, in the MoneyMuseum. Ulrike Hermann recounts the genesis of capitalism and explains capital, money and market. The exact definition is a perequisite for understanding our economic system.
June 3-4, 2016

Informatics Days 2016 in the MoneyMuseum. Institutions in the Canton Zürich open their doors for a tour of discovery in Informatics. Goal is to atract young people at the start of their education. The MoneyMusum offers presentations and toursk on the subject of bitcoins.  

May 17, 2016 The Future of Money - from Blockchain technology to the international market place. Lecturer: Richard Olsen, founder of Lykkex, Moderation: Matthias Niklowitz, industrial specialist swisscom. 
second Half 2016

Preparation for our next exhibition "What is Money?". In contrast to our earlier exhibitions, this project will be based on the interactive participation of the visitors, primarily through discussions and impulse presentatons. The MoneyMuseum Hadlaubstrasse will be completely renovated for this undertaking.


End of 2016 Close to 150.000 downloads have been counted for our digital contributions in 2016. Channels are primarily our website and Apple's educational platform iTunes U. Whenever a partnersite has mentioned our contributions, download numbers have vastly increased. Geographically, our videos are mostly watched in the USA, Germany and Switzerland. 
End of 2016 Preparations are underway to structure our digital offering in a new way. It is expected that the extended webtechnology will be available in the second half of 2017. 
End of 2016 With the Universities Berne and Zurich, a first partnership for projects in 2017 is being formed. 



April 1, 2017

The MoneyMuseum Zurich closes temporarily its door for renovation. It will reopen after Spring 2018.

April 15, 2017

Prof. Aldo Haesler is mandated to write an online compendium on money research and thought. Why? Money has to become conceptual, comprehensible and accountable again. This is the goal of the compendium. 

July 10, 2017

The book "Time makes you rich" is published with the help of the Sunflower Foundation. It provides an insight into the KISS organisation in Switzerland and how time credits function: people donate time by helping other people in their community; for the hours spent, they receive time credits. The book provides a timely portrait of the current situation.  

3rd Quarter Implementation of a seminar with students of economics at the University of Zurich under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Stefan Zeisberger. Theme: risk perception. The students understood the importance of psychology in investor decisions, have become familiar with the most influential work in the behavioral finance literature and carried out an independent research project. The students have been equipped with important knowledge about human decision making in financial markets, based on most recent research, a knowledge that is useful for business practice and research. A particular focus had been on experimental finance methods.
3rd Quarter

Fellowship Eske Bockelmann: since 2011, Eske Bockelmann belongs to our research group with its focus on money and society. He has profoundly and with much clarity formulated the basis of a theory of money. Our support is for writing a book in simple language as to what money is.  

4th Quarter Support for a master thesis "time provision" by the Sunflower Foundation and the Institute for Social Anthropology at the University Berne for the project of Anita Schürch, master student at the University of Zurich. Contents: Time provision as a step to a community-based culture of care accross generations. 



Feb 7, 2018

Evaluation event of KISS, the time provision for older people in Switzerland. Sunflower has organised this event to get an overview on what has been achieved so far.

March 8, 2018

14th Sunflower Talks in Pax Montana, Sarnen.

July 2018

Move to the new premises of Sunflower Foundation at Vogelsangstrasse 44 in Zurich, just 10 minutes from the MoneyMuseum.

Sept 2018 Old City tours of Zurich with Pietro Maggi, former city archivist of Zurich, explaining the roots of modern money in our city. 
4th Quarter

Cooperation with the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt for the class’ final seminar paper on „communication strategy for the MoneyMuseum“. 

4th Quarter Beginning cooperation with Swiss thinktank foraus and operation-libero in the fields of research and presentations. 
4th Quarter Second year of cooperation with the University of Zurich: Prof. S. Zeisberger and his seminar „Investor Psychology“. Sunflower worked with the students on their seminar papers. 
Nov 2, 2018 Acquisition of part of the library of Prof. Franz Ritzmann, former professor for social economy at the University of Zurich. Books on money and credit history.
Nov 26, 2018 Conclusion of the Sunflower Talks, review of what has been achieved in the past 10 years and what lies ahead.
Dec 12, 2018 Shipment of the newest bitcoin miner from China, as a gift of the Chinese firm Bitmain to the MoneyMuseum.
Dec 22, 2018

Cooperation with the Playhouse of Zurich on a play written by Michael Ende, famous German author; explaining the play‘s message for our economic system.



Jan 2019

Cooperation with film regisseur Oliver Sachs, producing portrait films on Aldo Haesler and Eske Bockelmann.

March 30, 2019

The updated version of our website moneymuseum.com goes live. 

Feb 28, 2019

First Workshop on Literature in our library. Theme: favorites in literature.

March 2019

Move of the offices of Sunflower Foundation to new premises at Scheuchzerstrasse 72 in Zurich.

March 12, 2019 Opening Ceremony for the newly renovated MoneyMuseum.
March 26, 2019

„Thoughts on Zwingli, Hope and Aspiration back then and today“.
Introduction of our new book on reformator Zwingli‘s arrival in Zurich 500 years ago and a presentation on hope throughout history.

April 9, 2019 First workshop on our collection of bibliophile books by Dr. Ursula Kampmann.
April 25, 2019 „Musician Richard Wagner and money“. Presentation by Eske Bockelmann of Richard Wagner‘s Rheingold opera.
May 16, 2019 „The Ponzi Society“. Presentation of professor of sociology Aldo Haesler.
June 6, 2019 Discussion on the current stage of blockchain research and on the newest products based on this technology. Organised as presentation and discussion forum. 


January 2020Opening of the exhibition "We and the foreign" with workshop. Semi-annually, the exhibition changes as we present books from our collection under one theme. Explanatory texts, AudioGuide and an exhibition booklet is provided. This exhibition is about: How we came to know the world, starting with Marco Polo around 1300 until our time.

February 2020Workshop Blockchain: basic concepts. By popular demand, we held our first workshop on this new technology.

March to June 2020due to Corona we unfortunately had to decide on a temporary interruption of the events.

July 2020: Opening of our new exhibition "live forever?" with books from our collection under the theme of life and death. Presentation and workshop by Ursula Kampmann, complemented by exhibition catalog, audio guide and online media. The exhibition part forms the basis for introductions to the MoneyMuseum Hadlaubstrasse.

August 2020: Vernissage for the book "Money - what it is that rules us". Author Eske Bockelmann, Chemnitz and his publisher Andreas Rötzer, Berlin (Verlag Matthes & Seitz) face critical questions about money.

August 2020: Arnaud Salomon, CEO and founder of MtPelerin, Geneva, presents "Sound money" as well as his idea of what role a blockchain-based bank could play in today's economy. Digitalization is advancing rapidly in financial technology and Switzerland wants to become a leader in this industry.

September 2020: Luisa Kinzius, Project Manager at Sinolytics, Berlin presents "the Chinese Central Bank's Digital Currency" and engages in a lively discussion around the progress of financial technology in China. China is the leading nation in terms of financial technology and will shortly introduce the digital yuan (stable coin). 

Septemberr 2020: Bitcoin Association Switzerland and the MoneyMuseum invite to a book vernissage. "Ignore at your own risk" introduces the world of bitcoin and blockchain. It is addressed to an interested younger audience.

September 2020 : “The End of Multilateralism? - China and International Rulemaking in Geneva” was the topic of a public talk by Ralph Weber. The event took place at the Money Museum in Zurich on 30 September 2020 and was attended by about 40 interested guests.
With rising multipolarity and aggravating US-China strategic rivalry amplified by the ongoing Corona pandemic, the UN centered global system has come under increasing pressure in recent years. With China’s bid to “move closer to the world’s center stage” under Xi Jinping’s leadership, its influence has been arguably growing substantially within UN institutions. Multilateralism finds itself challenged, also in Geneva. There, China’s influence on international rulemaking has been registered in a variety of topics, ranging from human rights, to trade practices and technical standards. In his talk, Ralph Weber explored concrete policy fields to assess the state of affairs and identified implications for Europe and Switzerland.

October 2020: Events unfortunately had to be cancelled due to Covid-19 until further notice.


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