The History of the Sunflower Foundation and Its Platforms



1st half 2021
MoneyMuseum had been closed due to pandemic regulations. Our internal work focused on building a database for our library (scanning, comments on individual books, linking) and preparing for the ChinaForum: a multi-year lecture and discussion series on China. Of particular interest is the introduction of digital currency in China with potential transformation of the global monetary system.

February 2021
Publikatioin of the book “A Future without Money?", Mandelbaum Verlag, Vienna. Theoretical approaches and lived alternatives. With contributions from the Sunflower Group.

Changeover to Cyclos 4.0 software to support barter circles in Switzerland, with significant improvements.

March 2021
Opening of our exhibition "Law and Justice" in German and English with audio guide and explanations.

April 2021

Launch of our new, additional website moneymuseum.news with 40 curated online tours.

May 2021
Our book homepage "bookophile.com" reaches 85 contributions and is popular worldwide.

Publication of "Sustainable digital Finance in Switzerland" based on collaboration with foraus. The goal of our two-year support of foraus is to form the basis for discussions on “esg”.

June 2021
Collaboration with the Europainstitut of the University of Basel; a memorandum of understanding is drafted.

Cooperation with the University of Cusanus-Hochschule in Germany with the topic "Oekonomie - Geld - Gesellschaftsgestaltung”. A memorandum with a declaration of intent for the next two years is drawn up.

July 2021
The booklet "China - A Great Power in Transition" is published. This publication serves as the basis for our China Lecture Series 2022.

September 2021
Lisa Oehler becomes a new research assistant and focuses on didactics and teaching in the cooperation with Cusanus University, Koblenz.

October 2021
Exhibition “The Merchant in the 17th century” with exhibition catalog, audio guide, and text explanations.

Sunflower discussion Group meeting in Stans. Discussion about our publication “A Future without money?"

November 2021
Visit to Cusanus University in Koblenz. Participation in workshops and discussions.

China discussion at the MoneyMuseum: "The Chinese dream of a strong Nation" with specialist Dr. Saskia Hieber.


full year
Focus throughout the year was on our efforts to bring our research on money logic to Academia. We deepened our collaboration with the Cusanus University, Koblenz as well as the student organizations Plurale-Oekonomik and Rethinking Economics.

February 2022
Participation in a study seminar at the Cusanus University in Koblenz. Intensified collaboration with various teachers at the university.

March 2022
Cooperation with the student organizations Plurale-Oekonomik.de in Germany and Rethinking Economics in Switzerland. Visit of the president of the Cusanus Hochschule Koblenz in Zurich and contract agreement for cooperation.

April 2022
Further contributions to our website moneymuseum.news by means of the online software service shorthand.com.

May 2022
Opening of our exhibition “Swiss History: Fact or Fake-News?” with audio, texts, and exhibition catalog.

First event of our China-Forum series with Prof. Ralph Weber: How adaptable is the Chinese Communist Party?

June 2022
Second event of our China-Forum series with Prof. Dirk Schmidt: The return of Socialism in the Chinese economy?

Writing contest on bookophile.com for students of the University of Erfurt, Germany.

July 2022
Seminar at the MoneyMuseum Zurich with students of the Cusanus University, Koblenz, Germany, organized by our team. 3 days workshop in Zurich on money issues, gift culture, blockchain applications.

August 2022

Discussion with NZZ correspondent Matthias Kamp, Beijing about the current state of affairs in China. How to experience the Corona Lockdowns up close, how does the population react? An eyewitness report.

Bookophile prize competition at the University of Erfurt as a trial run for further prize competitions: Prize crowning of the winner, publication of his entry on bookophile.com.

September 2022 

China-Forum Event with Prof. K. Mühlhahn, President Zeppelin University, Friedrichshafen. Topic: The Beijing Paradox. Historical perspective on China's development over the last 400 years and the economic boom since 1980.

Oktober 2022

Collaboration with Plurale-Oekonomik.de and objective to publish five publications on "Money & Society" and "New Economics Education" in German and English within the next 9 months. The platform is consulted by many students of economics in German-speaking countries (over 30,000 monthly views).

November 2022

China-Forum Event with Prof. Kristin Shi-Kupfer. Topic: Digitalization - Blessing or Curse in China? Focus on society and digital media in China. The China Forum helps executives to better understand the multifaceted China.

December 2022

Opening of the exhibition "Astronomy - from divine power to physical law". Elaborate exhibition catalog, explanatory texts and audio guide. 

In cooperation with Cusanus University in Germany, production of first booklets designed as templates for cross-institutional learning tools: "Education in Fragile Times" and "Worldviews in the Middle Ages" (Cultural History series) with explanatory videos, of which two more booklets are in progress.



January 2023:
Publication of the brochure Before-with-after the money, which portrays our three analysis areas. Intended for delivery at visitor briefing.

February 2023:
Publication of new learning material for Plural Economics: The Touching Space, by Prof. W. Oetsch, series Worldviews of the Middle Ages to Modern Times. In total, there will be four booklets showing worldviews from the Middle Ages to the 20th century.

March 2023:
"Doing Business in China" event at the MoneyMuseum. Series of three evenings. A Chinese entrepreneur could be won for this exchange of experiences.

ChinaForum Event with Prof. A. Guder and Dr. M. Rudyak. Topic: Structure and political dimension of the Chinese language. The booklet Decoding China Dictionnaire was published, which compares key terms such as democracy and human rights of the CCP with the definitions in the West.

Publication "Phenomenology of Money" by Prof. Karl-Heinz Brodbeck for delivery to students. The subject presents a new explanatory model related to money.

April 2023:
Launch of new website bookophile.com after 6 months of reprogramming.

May 2023:
Launch of money courses on the website moneymuseum.com. Offering moderated discussion groups on literature on social design. After a thorough introduction to a selected piece of literature, the connection to money is described using our money courses. Through discussion, the connection between money and society can be perceived more clearly.


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