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The MoneyMuseum does consider itself a "classical" museum that collects objects of art – as has been customary since the 19th century – and presents them to visitors in its exhibition rooms. Rather, the MoneyMuseum is committed to an educational mission, as it was held in high esteem in ancient Greece in the so-called "museion". The scholars gathered there to discuss important questions and exchange views. This is exactly the kind of concept that forms the basis for the new MoneyMuseum.

Visitors to the museum therefore expect more than just an exhibition that showcases money-related objects. Instead, the visitors are asked to engage in an active dialogue and deal with various aspects of money. For society talks much about money, considerable less attention is being paid to money as a social criterion. And this is precisely what the MoneyMuseum wants to change, offering its visitors an in-depth, critical examination of the subject of money. The broad range of topics is underpinned by the MoneyMuseum's books, some of which are commented here.

Our collection of editions dating from the 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. Emphasis was placed on the works’ degree of preservation and significance.

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