Exhibition-Material to Bitcoin

In the years to come, money will become the battle of the Titans: between the de-cashing front (banks, state, financial institutions) and the crypto-front; the cash eliminators will push people into the arms of the crypto currencies, which are technically far more superior and provide anonymity. The former of course possess the grown infrastructure, an immensely superior financial volume and the governmental authority, but, when compared against the practical advantages of crypto currencies (anonymity, minimal transaction costs, speed, fiability, the four trump cards of monetary circulation), the cash eliminators have markedly fallen behind.

Thus a race begins in which the eliminators can only inhibit or prohibit the cryptos (but then again, how do you prohibit the Internet today? That would be like having banned electricity 50 years ago...), the cryptos themselves are only strengthening their technological advantage. This makes the eliminators become increasingly aggressive and defensive, which in turn only boosts the cryptos’ creativity. In this fight, the odds are against the eliminators, who can only react with prohibitions in the end. If they do not want to lose large parts of their core business, they will have to make a pact with the cryptos.

The historical trend is quite clear: The cryptos hold the trump cards firmly in their hands and will haul the eliminators over the coals. They themselves are competing with each other, but this competition constitutes another creative factor. Turbulent times are ahead, with collateral damage to be expected. We do not know yet about the exact nature of this damage, but everything points to a severe confrontation. 


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