The Sunflower Staff


The Foundations board of trustees

Jürg R. Conzett, Dr. phil. (PhD)
Founder and president

Andreas J. Schlegel, Dr. iur. (LLD)

Tis Prager, Dr. iur. (LLD)
Attorney at law

Yonca Even Guggenbühl, lic. oec.

Lucas M. BachmannProf. Dr. med. Dr. phil. 

The staff

Heidi Lehner 
project manager for cooperation network and alternative economic systems

Christa Kaps, lic. oec., MAS

Manager of the Sunflower Foundation, organiser of events and logistics

Ursula Kampmann, Dr. phil.

Curator of MoneyMuseum's collection of bibliophile books und Author for Economic History and Numismatics

Ursula Kohler, lic. phil. I (MA)
Web and print editor of the Conzett Verlag 

Florian Bally-Rommel
responsible for the project "New economic training"




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